SEASON 58 FULL SEASON AUDITION • February 11th at 11:00am

Players by the Sea is excited to announce auditions for our 58th Season. We are having an open casting call for ALL of our productions for 2023 on February 11th! Separate callbacks will be held specifically for each show on the assigned dates listed below. If you are interested in participating in any of our productions, please sign up at the link provided below.



MUSICALS – Please prepare 16 bars of a classical or contemporary music theatre song.

Dance Call we follow in the second half of auditions. Please come dressed comfortably to move.

PLAYS – Please come prepared with a 1 dramatic and 1 comedic monologue. Additional sides from shows will be provided at auditions.


West Side Story / Dot – April 8th, 2023

Addams Family / Winter Wonderettes – July 8th, 2023

All ethnicities welcome!

Choir Boy May 12-June 4th, 2023

Written by: Tarell Alvin McCraney

Pharus Young is now a senior at the Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys, an institution committed to building “strong, ethical Black men,” where he endeavors to be the best leader of the school’s prestigious choir in its 50-year history. But in a world built on rites and rituals, should he conform to the expectations of his peers in order to gain the respect he desperately seeks?


HEADMASTER MARROW: 40-50, Male, Black. He is the latest and youngest headmaster for the Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys. He is also Bobby’s uncle. He is determined to prove himself and his worth as a leader. The school’s legacy of excellence is his priority. Sings.

MR. PENDLETON: 65-75, Male, White. Pendleton has just come out of retirement per the request of the headmaster. He is constantly putting his foot in his mouth, especially with older and out of date sayings. He has a deep love for the boys and wants for them to succeed and achieve greatness in every way.

PHARUS JONATHAN YOUNG: Male, Black. 18+ to play late teens. Pharus is a junior at the school when the play begins and is the leader of the school’s famous choir. He describes himself as effeminate and confident. He is a very gifted singer. He is harassed and bullied by other students. He takes a lot of pride in being a student at the school. Sings and moves well. Note: COMFORTABLE WITH NUDITY/SIMULATED NUDITY)

BOBBY MARLOW: Male, Black. 18+ to play late teens. Bobby is a junior at the school as the play opens. He is the nephew to the headmaster and gets away with quite a lot, more than anyone else. He can be a bully, especially when it comes to Pharus. We learn that his meanness covers up his hidden wounds. Sings and moves well. Note: COMFORTABLE WITH NUDITY/SIMULATED NUDITY)

JUNIOR DAVIS: Male, Black. 18+ to play late teens. Junior is a junior at the school as the play opens. He is Bobby’s best friend. He follows Bobby as his leader. Sings and moves well. Note: COMFORTABLE WITH NUDITY/SIMULATED NUDITY)

AJ JAMES: Male, Black. 18+ to play late teens. AJ is a senior as the play opens. He is athletic, fit, and plays baseball. AJ is Pharus’ roommate. He is very kind to Pharus, especially when the others are not. Sings and moves well. Note: COMFORTABLE WITH NUDITY/SIMULATED NUDITY)

DAVID HEARD: Male, Black. 18+ to play late teens. David is a senior as the play opens. David’s plight is to become a pastor. He is on scholarship at the school and constantly works to keep his grades up and stay away from any trouble. His entire future depends on his scholarship. Sings and moves well. Note: COMFORTABLE WITH NUDITY/SIMULATED NUDITY)


West Side Story July 14 – Aug 6th, 2023

Written by: Arthur Laurents

Music By: Stephen Sondheim

Set in the mid-1950s in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City, then a multiracial, blue-collar neighborhood. The musical explores the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds. The Sharks, who are recent migrants from Puerto Rico, and the Jets, who are white, vie for dominance of the neighborhood, and the police try to keep order. The young protagonist, Tony, a former member of the Jets and best friend of the gang’s leader, Riff, falls in love with Maria, the sister of Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks. The dark theme, sophisticated music, extended dance scenes, tragic love story, and focus on social problems marked a turning point in musical theatre.


Riff (Caucasian Male) A spritely, quick-tempered leader. He seeks to eliminate the Sharks and establish his own gang’s dominance. Tony’s best friend, he is eventually murdered by Bernardo. Vocal range top: G4/Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Tony (Caucasian Male) A romantic young man and former leader of the Jets, he has found a new lifestyle now. Tony finds himself violently torn between his friendships and love. Falls in love to Maria and meets an untimely death. Genuinely sweet and sincere. Vocal range top: Bb4/Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Bernardo (Hispanic Male) A proud, strong, handsome Puerto Rican man. Bernardo seeks to carve out territory as a sense of identity for he and his friends. Maria’s brother and Anita’s boyfriend. Leader of the Sharks. Vocal range top: Eb4/Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Maria (Hispanic Female) A hopeless romantic and innocent young girl. She falls in love with Tony and finds herself at the center of the violent conflict between the two gangs. Bernardo’s sister. Puerto Rican. Vocal range top: C6/Vocal range bottom: Bb3

Anita (Hispanic Female) Feisty and assertive. She dispenses older sister advice to Maria and tries to shield her from the dangers of the gangs. Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s friend. Puerto Rican. Vocal range top: D5/Vocal range bottom: F3

Chino (Hispanic Male) An angry and, at times, naive Shark who turns murderous and vengeful. Suitor to Maria and friend of Bernardo’s.

Anybodys (Caucasian Female) A spunky tomboy who is desperate to become a member of the Jets. The other Jets mock her for her ambitions, but generally appreciate her company. Full of energy and heart.

Doc (Older Male) The owner of the candy store where the Jets hang out. He tries to guide the Jets youthful angst and provides a safe haven for Tony. Old fashioned and wise in his ways.

Schrank (Older Male) A local police detective frustrated by the ongoing violence between the Jets and Sharks. Blunt, brash, and unapologetic.

Krupke (Caucasian Male) The local beat cop. He has no patience for the gang conflict and tries to keep tensions from erupting between them. Regularly mocked by the local gangs.

Glad Hand (Caucasian Male) Nerdy, overly cheerful, and ill-equipped social director at the school dance (“Mambo”). Speaking role. No dance background.

Ensemble: (Male & Female – 18+ to play to play teenaged years) Jets Males and Females: Caucasian. Supporting and featured roles in the ensemble. (Diesl, Action, A-Rab, Baby John). Sharks Males and Female:Diverse (non-Caucasian). All dance and sing. Supporting and featured roles in the ensemble. (Pepe, Indio, Luis, Rosalia, Consuela, Fransisca)


Dot Sept 15-Oct 1, 2023

Written by: Coleman Domingo

The holidays are always a wild family affair at the Shealy house. But this year, Dotty and her three grown children gather with more than exchanging presents on their minds. As Dotty struggles to hold on to her memory, her children must fight to balance care for their mother and care for themselves. This twisted and hilarious new play grapples unflinchingly with aging parents, midlife crises, and the heart of a West Philly neighborhood.



Female, 60-69

Mother of Shelly, Averie and Donnie; Martha Stewart meets Claire Huxtable; obsessive, almost compulsive; thinks lightning quick.

Ethnicity: Black / African Descent


Female, 40-49

Daughter of Dotty; lawyer.

Ethnicity: Black / African Descent


Female, 40-49

Jewish; ex-girlfriend to Donnie.

Ethnicity: White / European Descent


Male, 40-49

Married to Adam; son of Dotty; handsome, masculine, fit; plays piano.

Ethnicity: Black / African Descent


Male, 40-49

Married to Donnie; buff specimen of a man.

Ethnicity: White / European Descent


Female, 30-39

Daughter of Dotty; brash.

Ethnicity: Black / African Descent


Male, 18+

Central Asian; Kazah; mid to late 20s; caretaker of Dotty; good-looking.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities


Addams Family Oct 20 – Nov 5, 2023

Music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa

Book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice.

A comical feast that embraces the wackiness in every family, features an original story and it’s every father’s nightmare: Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family– a man her parents have never met. And if that wasn’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before– keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents.

MORTICIA ADDAMS – Age 35-55. Vocal Range: G3 – Bb4. The beautiful, leggy and mysterious head of the Addams family who believes strongly in family tradition. Morticia is confident and sexy with a side of dry wit. Strong mover (tango skills a plus!).

GOMEZ ADDAMS – Age 35-55, Vocal Range: Bb2 – G4. A suave man who adores his wife and children and takes immense pride in being an Addams. Gomez has great comedic timing, strong improvisational skills, and is a strong dancer/mover.

WEDNESDAY ADDAMS – To play a Teenager. Vocal Range: A3 – F5. Iconic Goth big sister, Wednesday, leads with a dark cloud exterior, but deep down she has her father’s heart and her mother’s sensibility. Wednesday falls in love with a “normal” boy who she brings home to meet the family, and the feelings threaten every reality she’s known up til now. Strong belter with a hilariously dark sense of humor.

PUGSLEY ADDAMS – Age 9-13, Vocal Range: A3 – F#5 (*must* be an unchanged voice). The youngest of the Addams Family, Pugsley loves to be tortured by his big sister. Pugsley is charming and funny.

UNCLE FESTER – Age 30-60, Vocal Range; C3 – G4 full voice tenor, and up to C5 in head voice. Serving as the narrator of the show, Uncle Fester is lovable, childish, enthusiastic and highly incorrigible. He has great comedic timing.

GRANDMA – Plays anywhere between 60-102, Vocal Range: G4 – F#5. Fun, quirky and feisty, Grandma always has a trick up her sleeve. Grandma is wise, wacky and sometimes a bit crass. She has great comedic timing and physicality.

LURCH – Age 25–50, Vocal Range: Eb2 – E4 (a True Bass). Lurch is the Addams Family butler. A man of few words, his unmistakable commanding presence is accented by grunts, moans and deliberate movement. Must have great non-verbal story-telling abilities (think: facial expressions and sound).

MAL BEINECKE – Age 35-55, Vocal Range: C3 – A4. The uptight father of Lucas and cold-shouldered husband to Alice, cynical Mal meets the Addams with skepticism. He finds the Addams to be too bizarre for his liking and cannot fathom being related to them.

ALICE BEINECKE – Age 35-55, Vocal Range: Ab3 – G#5. Lucas’s mother and Mal’s wife, Alice is strongly devoted to her family. She presents herself as reserved and collected (even when speaking in rhyme) until she learns to unleash her wild side at dinner with the Addams. Strong comedic actress.

LUCAS BEINECKE – To play a Teenager. Vocal Range: C3 – C5 (musical theatre tenor with some of this upper range in head voice). The hopeful romantic and son of Alice & Mal, Lucas has fallen in love with Wednesday and intends to marry her. He is optimistic and hopeful yet struggles to find the balance between his ‘normal’ family and the macabre Addams Fam.

THE ANCESTORS – 18+, All Vocal Ranges. The Addams ancestors from various eras serve as the chorus for the show and help bring the story to life. They will be featured both singing and dancing throughout the entire show (once relapsed from the family crypt!). Seeking actors with both vocals and dancing abilities.


The Winter Wonderettes Dec 1 – Dec 17, 2023

Written by: Roger Bean

This seasonal celebration finds the girls entertaining at the annual Harper’s Hardware Holiday Party. When Santa turns up missing, the girls use their talent and creative ingenuity to save the holiday party! Featuring great ’60s versions of holiday classics such as “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Run, Rudolph, Run,” and “Winter Wonderland,” the result is, of course, marvelous! This energetic and glittering holiday package is guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages.


MISSY: (age 28) Female presenting. Always the over-achiever of the group, Missy has now blossomed into a full-fledged adult over-achiever. She is an elementary school teacher and has recently returned from her honeymoon with her new husband, Bill. She has an inner-sexiness that comes out every once-in-a-while, much to her surprise and embarrassment. A strong singer and mover with a good sense of comedy.

CINDY LOU: (age 28) Female presenting. Cindy Lou is the “bad girl” of the group, now reformed (to a point). She is sexy with a dry and sassy wit, and has a miles-high jet-black beehive, a cross between the Ronettes and early Priscilla Presley. She has a soft side and inner depth, revealed in an Act II monologue and ballad. A strong singer and mover with a good sense of comedy.

SUZY: (age 28) Female presenting. Suzy is happy-go-lucky, a little giddy, a little silly, and a little pregnant. She’s always willing to go along with anyone and anything, and she seems to giggle at just about anything. She is married to Ritchie, her high-school sweetheart. A strong singer and mover with a good sense of comedy.

BETTY JEAN: (age 28) Female presenting. Betty Jean is the self-anointed clown of the group, always vying for attention from her best friend, Cindy Lou. She loves that she is finally in control of the group, if only for this one performance. She has worked at Harper’s Hardware since high school and is proud to have made it into corporate sales. She is struggling with her marriage and has an inner strength that belies her goofiness. A strong singer and mover with a good sense of comedy.