Bill O’WrayTrouble in Mind

Neal Thorburn returns to the Players by the Sea stage after last appearing in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time in 2018. Recently, Neal performed multiple roles in Alabama Story at Theatre Jacksonville. Notable performances throughout the years include: 1776 (Alhambra Theatre & Dining), The Explorer’s Club (TJ), and Evil Dead: The Musical (The 5 & Dime). Neal would like to thank Director Zach Rivera for the opportunity to work with this fine cast and crew, and thanks his family for their love and support.

What made you audition for this show?
I joined the show to help tell the story of a cast which is learning to come together through adversity

How do you relate to the character you’re portraying?
Bill is a boisterous actor, but a more reserved individual. We are not so different in that regard.

If you had to describe the show in one word, what would it be?

What do you want people to take away from this show?
You can find prejudices in even the most welcoming of spaces.

Why should patrons come to support/attend the show?

Patrons should attend so they can receive the message of the show and apply it in their lives.


Written by Alice Childress
Directed by Zach Rivera
Mainstage • May 10 – 26, 2024

A talented and experienced Black actress has been cast in Chaos in Belleville, an anti-lynching play set to open on Broadway. She’s paid her dues throughout the years, playing stereotypical supporting roles in second-rate shows, and is ready for her star turn. Chaos in Belleville, written by a white playwright, might not be quite as enlightened a piece as she’s been hoping for — but that doesn’t mean it won’t sell out. And selling out is the question at the heart of Alice Childress’s comedy-drama. A cast of multigenerational Black actors rehearse under the purview of a white director and stage manager, and as the rehearsal process unfolds, theatre conventions and racial politics collide, resulting in a surprisingly funny yet deeply piercing look at the entertainment industry.